Cali's East Spay Neuter Clinic
4731 El Dorado Rd, Snowflake Arizona
Call for appointment: 928-243-8811

Affordable Local Veterinary Services

NOTE: We DO NOT accept checks or debit cards that require pin number input.
Services to be paid via Cash or Visa/Mastercard at Check-In.
Debit cards containing a VISA logo that DO NOT require a pin number input are acceptable.

Spays and Neuters:


Dog less than 40 lbs

$ 55.00
$ 45.00

Dog 40 to 80 lbs

$ 65.00
$ 50.00

Dog 80 to 100 lbs

$ 75.00
$ 55.00


$ 40.00
$ 30.00

General Exams Cats or Dogs

$ 30.00

Vaccinations require exam if not done with surgery:

Vaccine type

Dogs Exam Charge $30.00 Plus

Rabies $10.00
DHPP $15.00

Cats Exam Charge $30.00 Plus

Rabies $10.00
FVRCP $15.00

*** No Extra Charge for In Heat or Early Pregnancy ***

Late pregnancy may have an extra charge or be denied - To be determined at check in

Dogs over 100 lbs will have an added charge - To be determined at check in

Other Services Available call for pricing:

Cat Declaw
Dental Cleaning
Dog Dewclaw Removal
Tooth Extraction
Ear Mite Treatment
General Surgery

Call for appointment: 928-243-8811.

Once you have an appointment you can print out the "Check In Form" found here:

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